73,370% Grand Prix victory for ZINQ Abegglen FH and Marcus Hermes today in Verden


1st place - Just 9 year young ZINQ Abegglen and getting so much more confident every time. Today fully concentrated in the very windy arena, and showing top qualities all the way with super elasticity and balance, and Marcus is able to ride him in a very light contact all the way and still keeping a lovely collection. From the sideline a clear +75% test today.

2nd place - Dorothee Schneider and Faustus showed a really nice test with highlights for the trot tour with super nice half passes, active piaffe and expressive passage. Good walk tour, an error at the beginning of the one times and bit unbalanced canter pirouettes, the transition to trot at M becomes through a few walk steps.

3rd place - FRH Davinia la Douce with Anabel Balkenhol showed a very nice test. The 12 year old mare by Don Frederico / A Jungle Prince is new at the international level as Balkenhol showed her first time this year at Grand Prix level in Hamburg back in May.

No major technical issues, nice expressive trot tour, good piaffe tours, expressive passage, smaller unbalance going out from the piaffes, good walk, not the biggest walk but nice activity and rhythm, nice canter tour, today with a small error at the end of the two times, and a slightly overturned 2nd pirouette. For sure a very interesting combination to keep an eye on.

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