The best ever Danish Warmblood Elite foal collection

Sharp selection makes a top collection for the buyers

The Danish Warmblood breeders has really been stepping up their breeding program over the last couple of years. Whether it is the serious hobby breeder or the breeder with more quality mares - they all make a huge impact on this years Elite foal collection.

The solid damlines with mares being tested and showing great results, combined with the selection of top stallions from all over Europe makes the future top horses. And hopefully in the footsteps of other very successful Danish Warmblood medal horses as Atterupgaards Cassidy, Hønnerups Driver, UNO Donna Unique, Sezuan, Fiontini, Zhaplin Langholt, Hesselhøj Donkey Boy and many more.

Very strong filly year

Franklin, Knock Out, Floriscount and Fürstenball all with more top foals for the Elite auction.

Franklin has stamped himself as a top foal producer and this year you will have the opportunity to find more top quality foals by him. Former KWPN Champion stallion Knock Out with two excellent offsprings for the collection - really top foals, and Floriscount really shows that he also fits the Danish Warmblood damlines perfectly producing expressive uphill very well moving foals. Fürstenball just keep on producing top foals, this year with an extraordinary filly with Dancier as damsire, and a colt with Tailormade Temptation as damsire, he really look like a copy of Fürstenball himself at the age.

Zackerey with a super top star filly Egegårdens Miss Daisy with Blue Hors Farrell as damsire (419), Vitalis with a very powerful girl with Blue Hors Romanov as damsire (401), Springbank II VH with an expressive modern filly with Solos Landtinus as damsire (418), Sezuan´s Donnerhall / Westpoint with a powerful filly (439) and Grand Galaxy Win / Gribaldi with an elegant well moving filly.

Both young stallions Straight Horse Sir Romance and Janeiro Platinum are represented with two offsprings each for the collection.

HERE you find the entire collection.

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Vet. and WFFS status can be informed the day before the auction - contact direct at the auction office, mail

REMEMBER you can follow the presentation of the collection Saturday 24th at 14.30 and the auction at 19.00 LIVE at Clipmyhorse. I you want to make your bid by phone, please contact Monica Forrest beforehand for registration - mail: