Foal auction Maren-Kessel comes up 7 September - again with Expression / Uphill top foal

A collection of 28 dressage foals ready for Maren-Kessel auction Saturday 7 September at 19.00.

Presentation at 16.00 and auction at 19.00 - live at Clipmyhorse.

Only one foal seems to stand out - this time again the combination of Expression / Uphill like for the auction Friday in Ermelo.


With 80 points in the IBOP and then performances at Z2 level, dam Didora has more than proved her dressage talent. Granddam Tincadora also performed in the Z2 and also brought a Z2 dressage horse. The line then goes back to Melandora, who is a half-sister of the successful international Grand Prix horse Privaldi (s.Gribaldi) by Kay Maxted and the Lichte Tour-classified Felix (s. Zevenster). The KWPN-approved stallion Joyride (s. Ampère) also goes directly back to stock dam Rolanda (s. Doruto). Ocean X descends from the very meritoriously performing Grand Prix stallion Expression, which seems to make its mark on breeding, witnessing offspring such as the Oldenburg approved stallions Jack Sparrow and Knock-Out.

Watch the entire collection here.