VIDEOS - Which HANN stallions will be licensed?

No 42 by Bon Coeur / Vivaldi

No 42 by Bon Coeur / Vivaldi

Today with both presentation on the triangle and by lunging

From watching the presentation by hand this morning you were able to watch every single stallion with quite sharp eyes.

How does the stallion enter the arena? How does the stallion balance on the slippery surface? How does the stallion carry himself? How is the contact in the bridle? How is the stallion reacting all the way?

And with subsequent lunging you get the best possibilities to see a more clear picture of the stallion. The natural frame, the balance and not least the canter quality.

From H2R list following stallions will be licensed (P=premium) (V=video below):

No 35 by Bon Coeur / Fürst Nymphenburg P

No 37 by Bon Coeur / Fürst Nymphenburg

No 41 by Bon Coeur / Wolkentanz

No 42 by Bon Coeur / Vivaldi P

No 44 by Borsalino / Quaterback P V

No 53 by De Niro / Sandro Hit

No 56 by Dimaggio / Sir Donnerhall I

No 57 by Dimaggio / Scolari V

No 64 by For Romance I / Rock Forever

No 65 by Franklin / Ehrentanz V

No 69 by Fürstenball / His Highness P

No 75 by Lissaro / Likoto xx

No 78 by Lord Leatherdale / Boston

No 79 by Livaldon / De Niro

No 81 by Morricone / Sir Donnerhall I

No 82 by Millennium / Desperados

No 83 by Negro / San Remo

No 85 by St. Schufro / Hofrat P V

No 86 by Sarotti Mokka Sahne / Florestan I

No 87 by Sean Connery / Wilwandere

No 92 by Veneno / Dimaggio

No 94 by Veneno / Fidertanz P

No 97 by Vivaldi / Dancier

No 98 by Vivaldi / Desperados P V

The licensing results will be announced after tomorrow mornings free presentation followed by walking rings.

Thanks to we are able to show some of the top stallions here below.

No 44 Borsalino / Quaterback

No 57 Dimaggio / Scolari

No 65 Franklin / Ehrentanz

No 69 Fürstenball / His Highness

No 85 St. Schufro / Hofrat

No 98 Vivaldi / Desperados