VIDEOS - Individual podium for the Europeans of today


The European Championships in Rotterdam is just two month away, and why not make a small “today” prediction of the individual podium, as the absolute best three combinations just been out showing very strong performances.

Grand Prix Special at German Championship

Dorothee Schneider showed a top test yesterday with just an issue at the transition from passage to canter, where Showtime catch the wrong canter. For Werth and Bella Rose the GPS was not their day. Like for the Grand Prix Werth enters in counter canter with Bella Rose, but the centerline becomes a bit unbalanced, super trot tour with expressive half passes, good piaffe tours with super passage. Also for Werth and Bella Rose the transition to canter from passage became with transition to wrong canter, and at the short side before going into canter half passes Bella Rose loosing the canter, and when Werth continues at the diagonal starting the two times instead of canter half passes, she knew this was it for today and could of course only blame herself, and came 4th in the ranking. Gold in GPS for Showtime, Silver for Werth with Emilio and Bronze for Dalera BB.

Can anyone beat Werth with Bella Rose at a Championship?

At WEG Dujardin and Freestyle won a bronze medal - will they be able to climb the latter?

Showtime FRH back in business and ready for the podium?

Judge for yourself, but “today's “ podium from H2R is:




Grand Prix

Bolesworth - Charlotte Dujardin with Mount St. John Freestyle

Grand Prix Special

Balve - Dorothee Schneider with Showtime FRH

Grand Prix

Balve - Isabell Werth with Bella Rose