VIDEO - Benjamin Werndl and Daily Mirror winner of CDI-W Grand Prix today in Salzburg

H2R comments during the class:

Daily Mirror GER - nice start, smooth diagonal, good half passes nice balance, tense rein back, good extension, nice passage, lack bit more energy for piaffe, superb extended walk, nice collected walk, lack more sharp transition to passage, piaffe lack bit more activity and clear beat, nice zig-zag, good 1 times, super sit and balance for both pirouettes, nice extension, super passage, need bit more flow for transition into piaffe.

Faustus GER - nice balanced start, smooth uphill half passes, good halt with rein back, good passage, loosing a bit of impulsion for the piaffe and it becomes a bit two times, good walk but extended lack bit more let go, 2nd piaffe in nice balance bit forward, nice 2 times, super nice extended canter lovely uphill, well balanced zig-zag, good 1 times, super control 1st pirouette, 2nd pirouette slightly bigger, nice final centerline.

Delatio SWE - good start, nice half pass right, bit unbalanced left, bit halt with rein back, nice into 1st passage, active passage good transitions in and out 1st piaffe with good active steps, good relaxation and stretching for extended walk, nice clear collected walk, small tensions hind for passage, good 2nd piaffe, bit tense transition to canter, huge two times, nice flow/go zig-zag, super 1 times, nice balance and angles for both pirouettes with super nice canter and stays uphill, nice active final centerline.