VIDEOS - Andreas Helgstrand and Revolution World Champion for 5 year old horses

Revolution and Andreas Helgstrand - photo credit: Lily Forado

Strongest ever 5 year old final at World Championship for Young Horses

When watching the entire final starting with the points at a very high level just might get the feeling that this was kind of over heating. But the field for this years final was actually at a level that we've never seen before. 

It was very much about the "day" for each horse, as it was a really high quality field. The differences became the about the margins.

I was very interesting to see that it was not just the big stallions or the light-footed mares scoring, but common for the top was three top gaits, high ride ability and not least potential as future top horses. 

It was of course both a relief and a huge achievement for Andreas Helgstrand winning his 3rd gold medal at World Championships for Young Horses. At the beginning of the finals he was at start with Zhaplin Langholt, and was eliminated due to a bit of blod in the mouth caused by a tiny slit in the lip, so coming in as last to go with Revolution knowing that he had to do his and absolute best to be crowned as the Champion just made an extra positive pressure for performing at his best together with Revolution. And they did not let each other down, result was clear from the judges.

The two expressive top mares Straight Horse Ascenzione and Atterupgaards Delorean did also impress the judging team with their lightless, expression and qualities. Victoria and Ascenzione showed a strong final while some tension crept in for Selina and Delorean today, but still with a special comment from co-commentator at Clipmyhorse, German top Young Horse judge Christoph Hess "world class horse". 

Podium - Silver Matthias Alexander Rath - Gold Andreas Helgstrand - Bronze Eva Möller. Photo credit: Lily Forado