The dream of the next super star - the full sister of Danish Warmblood stallion Sezuan

Bo Brink, Selina Solberg Vittinghus with Napfes Faa Ipoipo and Merete Berg Sørensen

Bo Brink, Selina Solberg Vittinghus with Napfes Faa Ipoipo and Merete Berg Sørensen

It started with the purchase of an embryo in utero

Nafea Faa Ipoipo (“When do you want to get married”) was purchased as an embryo in utero back in 2014, and for the Danish breeders Merete Berg Sørensen and Bo Brink (Netstutteriet) back then it was with huge excitement and of course the dream as a breeder. The way from the purchase of the embryo to the foal being born, and now having a 4 year old beautiful and talented mare with the most exciting bloodlines has made the dream come true.

Last year Nafea proved herself as a broodmare as she had a fantastic embryo foal by Franklin, sold for the top price of 121.000 euros at Danish Warmblood Elite Foal auction to Helgstrand Dressage.

Experienced and successful young horse rider

Nafea is now 4 year old and ready for starting her education. The breeders has already been working together with Selina Solberg Vittinghus (rider at Stud Atterupgaard) with some other young horses, and for about 1,5 year ago Selina purchased a part of Danish Warmblood mare Netstutteriets Donna Mi by Blue Hors Don Schufro/Come Back II, a cooperation which Merete and Bo really appreciate, so the choice of the rider for the future education of Nafea was quite obvious.

Breeder Merete Berg Sørensen and Bo Brink tells: “We think that Selina is really unique for the education of the young horses, and with her great work with Donna Mi the decision was clear when thinking about the best future for Nafea. Selina has been riding Nafea since 1 December and she is very excited about her. We have Nafea stabled at the equestrian center Slangerupgaard where Merete is manager, and there we have all facilities for building up the young horse. And when Selina is training Nafea Merete is drive her to Stud Atterupgaard.

It is of course our plan to flush embryos from Nafea while she is being educated under Selina, and hopefully she will be successful in the sport as her brother (Sezuan) and sisters (Straight Horse Sezuanna and Straight Horse Ascenzione) - we are very excited about this future combination and hope for a lot of great experiences,” Merete and Bo says.

An extraordinary horse

For Selina as a rider it is of course another great opportunity to get the ride of a mare like Nafea. Alongside her job as rider for the very well known and successful Danish Stud Atterupgaard, Selina has been riding both Netstutteriet Donna Mi and a couple of other horses for Merete and Bo, and through this collaboration Selina is full of excitement for Nafea.

As Selina tells: “Nafea is a special horse, she has not been ridden that much yet, I’ve had her under saddle since December , and I really get the feeling that she brings something extra. For now its all about building her slowly up, and hopefully she will be ready for Danish Warmblood Young Horse ability test this autumn, with the big goal World Championship for Young Horses in 2020.”