First 2019 2-day stallion sport test in Münster-Handorf 5 - 6 February (list of stallions)


A huge list of 4 year old and 5 year old stallions ready for 2-day sport test in Münster-Handorf

A quick view of the list shows some very interesting young stallions, such as Escamillo with Timo Kolbe and Tesla with Helen Langehanenberg. Tesla did his 14-days test last year in Schlieckau with a very disappointing result in dressage with just 7,71. Just an outstanding stallion from the NRW licensing and for sure one the keep an eye on with owner Langehanenberg in the saddle.

Among the 5 year old the Helgstrand Dressage stallion Jovian with Eva Möller in the saddle will for sure be interesting to follow. They came 2nd in the prestigious Pavo Cup in 2018.

Live stream schedule via Clipmyhorse:

Tuesday 5 February

  • 13.15 - 4 year old

  • 16.30 - 5 year old

Wednesday 6 February

  • 08.00 - 4 year old with test rider

  • 13.30 - 5 year old with test rider


Here you find the entire catalog.