Quater Back Junior and Nicolas Wagner winner of CDI3 GP today in Le Mans


Comeback victory

The now just 10 year old Quater Back Junior and Nicolas Wagner did a very nice come back today. The combination has not been at start since last year in Cappeln, where they showed a fantastic debut year. Today they showed a nice effortless test, easy piaffe/passage tours, nice series, bit unbalance pirouettes, but nice over all picture and 72,109% victory.

Another youngster just 9 year old Zinq Abegglen FH by Ampere / Carabas made his international debut late last year as just 8 year in November in Oldenburg after a success through the prestigious Louisdor Preis (GP for 8-10 year old horses). He brings a lovely easy and effortless picture for the demanding piaffe and passage tours, today lacking more relaxation for the walk tour, and a small misunderstanding into the final piaffe, but catches nicely afterwards.

KWPN stallion Expression N.O.P. with Diederik van Silfhout showed a solid test with a few issues, but the overall picture lacking the high quality as the stallion shows very little push from hind throughout the entire test. Clear passage and piaffe from very active front legs.

Danish Warmblood horses

Among the 27 starters three of them were Danish Warmblood horses. Rossetti by Blue Hors Romanov / Midt-West Ibi-Light bred by Elsebeth Lykke Andersen, Nærum DEN with Finish rider Henri Rouste. The pair made their international debut last year and Rouste showed Rossetti two times. In Denmark Rossetti was former ridden and edcated by Jan Møller Christensen and part of DWB Young Horses in Verden as both 6 year old and 7 year old. Rossetti shows a lot of quality for the entire trot tour, unfortunately with two times canter for the half pass to right today, and for the canter tour some tensions are creeping in. They finish as no 7 with 69,152%.

Huracan by Blue Hors Hotline / Blue Hors Don Schufro bred by Lars Christensen ridden by Japanese Hiroyuki Kitahara. Looked a bit tense from outside the white fence, but showed a nice but for some moment bit cautious test with good control. 67,935%

A new international combination is the 11 year old Danish Warmblood gelding Zigzag by Blue Hors Zack / Blue Hors Don Schufro bred by Bjarne and Astrid Risvig, Billund DEN. Zigzag is ridden by Swiss rider Gilles Ngovan. Back in 2017 they did two international competitions in small tour and today they made their international debut in big tour scoring 62,022%. In general no exercise weaknesses but of course they lack both routine and timing for the demanding test.

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