Unfortunately no competition at CDI3 in Helsinki, Finland for Skovens Rafael

For the Danish combination Lotte Skjærbæk and her Danish Warmblood stallion Skovens Rafael the competition at CDI3 in Helsinki unfortunately finished before it even started. 

After having done a nice training in the arena, Lotte left Skovens Rafael for a small rest. And when Lotte and her husband Per came back to the stables they experienced that something had happend in the box. The shoe was nearly ripped off and and Rafael had made a serious bruise. 

Of cource very disappointing going all the way to Finland, just to return now. But at least they got one good experience, as they have never travelled that far before with Rafael. And this part he did really great Lotte told. The trip had to be done in parts. First about 11 hours drive from Denmark to Stockholm, then 5-6 hours rest in a stable with some hand walking, and then again about 10 hours with boat to Finland, finishing with 1,5 hours drive before reaching Helsinki. 

Lotte and Per tells that it is a great venue, and it is really well organised, with great hospitality. Today´s Grand Prix was won by Swedish Jeanne Högberg with Duendecello P with 70,40% - see the entire results here. 

The hoof from Skovens Rafael - private photo from Lotte Skjærbæk

The hoof from Skovens Rafael - private photo from Lotte Skjærbæk