Helen, Inessa and Severo also to compete at Saab Top 10 Dressage in Stockholm

Helen Langehanenberg (GER) will come to Stockholm to ride in the Saab Top 10 Dressage. Photo: Roland Thunholm    

Helen Langehanenberg (GER) will come to Stockholm to ride in the Saab Top 10 Dressage. Photo: Roland Thunholm



Three new top riders ready for the new competition Saab Top 10 Dressage

Helen Langehanenberg (GER), Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez (ESP) and Inessa Merkulova (RUS) are all ready for the new modern dressage competition and CDI5* "Saab Top 10 Dressage" in Stockholm, Sweden.

"I'm so proud of this competition. It will be absolutely amazing, says Swedish top rider Patrik Kittel, who is one of the brains behind the new concept Saab Top 10.

Langehanenberg, Jurado Lopez and Merkulova will join an already star-studded field of riders where, among others, the dressage crown princess Cathrine Dufour (DEN) will challenge the queen and world ranking list number one Isabell Werth (GER).

Through Saab Top 10 Dressage, Sweden International Horse Show is creating a new modern dressage competition designed to give the audience the greatest possible experience.

“We want to give clearness to the sport and more glamour and festivity to the audience. This concept allows the audience to really get to know each and every one of the ten riders "says Kittel.

Saab Top 10 Dressage has the world's highest ever prize money in dressage (158 000 Euro + a Volkswagen car) and that amount will almost double next year. Sweden International Horse Show (SIHS) is already known for having a different concept than most other international shows, and has the largest indoor audience in the world.

“SIHS has a very modern frame with its large LED screen and at the same time a story of delivering both top stars and show to the sport. The concept with short and easy to grasp competitions serves as a perfect basis for developing the dressage", says Kittel.

Saab Top 10 Dressage

Saab Top 10 Dressage, CDI5*, is open to the ten best riders in the world. It takes place over two days (2nd - 3rd of December) during Sweden International Horse Show in Stockholm. The competition includes Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle. Some of the top riders will also give personal comments and advice during the national dressage competition on December 1st.

Sweden International Horse Show 30th of November - 3rd of December 2017, http://www.swedenhorseshow.se/english/news/