Videos of the last part of the KWPN stallions ready for stallion show in s´Hertogenbosch

Skærmbillede 2018-01-11 kl. 20.07.31.png

The last 37 stallions from the 1st viewing with KWPN stallions selected for 2nd viewing at the KWPN stallion show in s´Hertogenbosch. 

  • Groep 4, nafok van: Expression, Johnson 410-411-413-414-415-581-584
  • Groep 5, nafok van: Capri Sonne Jr., Desperado, Galaxie 328-329-367-370-492-493-495
  • Groep 6, nafok van: Ebony, El Capone 381-383-385-387-388-389-391-394
  • Groep 7, nafok van: Blue Hors Zack, Chippendale, Electron, Eye Catcher, Glock’s Toto Jr., Grand Galaxy Win 315-316-341-395-418-534-535-569
  • Groep 8, nafok van: Glock ́s Toto Jr. 522-523-528-530-531-533-536

From this final group H2R favorites are: 

No 411 by Expression / Oscar, super modern, lightfooted, uphill frame, nice topline, supple mover.

No 414 by Expression / Ferro, supple mover, large frame, lack bit more stallion expression. 

No 584 by Johnson / Münchhausen, very expressive with lovely stallion look, well moving.

No 385 by El Capone / Ferrobeautiful uphill frame, stallion look, supple sharp Ferro hind legs. 

No 316 by Zack / Krack C, long legged uphill frame, nice topline, big frame. 

No 534 by Glock´s Toto Jr / Ferroshowing much power of the ground, uphill frame.