Desperados and Kristina Bröring-Sprehe with come-back victory at CDI4 Grand Prix in Dortmund (video)

Lovely to see Desperados back in the arena, and together with Kristina Bröring-Sprehe they provided a really good test. 

H2R comments during their test: 

Desperados GER - not square halt, small unbalance hind for extended trot, good half passes, good halt bit tense rein back, bit tense hind for passage, active 1st piaffe, could stretch bit more for extended walk, good collected walk, small unbalance into passage, very nice 2nd piaffe, passage bit unbalanced hind, good 2 times, strong extended canter but lack more collection before change, good zig-zag, good 1 times, super control for both pirouettes, nice transition to trot, want to start final piaffe very early but Kristina manage to keep on, good piaffe at X.

79,739% still seems to be a very generous scoring - but agreed by all 5 judges. 

2nd place for Inessa Merkulova with Mister X - they arrive for Dortmund with 2 victories from their last competition at Herning, Denmark. 

Dante Weltino OLD and Therese Nilshagen scored 71,804% and from "outside" Dante looked a bit touchy today which also gave a some issues during their test.

H2R comments: 

Dante Weltino OLD SWE - nice halt but very short time, power expressive diagonal, super balance, smooth half passes, good halt bit tense rein back, good passage, bit early 1st piaffe, good transitions, bit tense extended walk, need more let go, bit tense collected walk, starts small steps before M, 2nd piaffe lack bit more forward search, bit swing 2 times lovely off the ground, superb extended canter, bit unbalanced zig-zag, nice 1 times, super sit for both pirouettes and nice control, small lack of balance for extended trot, good final but stops a few meters before final halt.

Danish Daniel Bachmann Andersen and his just 10 year old Blue Hors Zepter did an over all really nice test, with just a single error by the transition from passage to canter. They finished as no 8 with 70,913%.

Daniel told H2R after his test today: "It is a bit difficult arena to enter, but at the same time a very nice place to learn your horse to cope with the competition invironment, and Blue Hors Zepter has still a lot to learn."

H2R comments during the test:

Blue Hors Zepter DEN - bit tense halt, good power for diagonal, active half passes could show bit more carriage, nice halt rein back, good extended trot, nice transition to passage, nice piaffe in good rhythm and nice sit with good transitions, good extended walk, super collected walk, good transition to passage, bit tense final passage, error transition to canter, bit unbalanced zig-zig, good 1 times, good pirouettes, good transition to trot at M, nice diagonal, very nice final centerline. 

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