VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE GP - Weihe and Werth 6% ahead of Damsey and Langehanenberg in today's CDI-W Grand Prix

FEI dressage World Cup.jpg

Lot of very nice riding for today’s World Cup Grand Prix, unfortunately the field was reduced from 17 starters to 16, as Danish Daniel Bachmann Andersen with Blue Hors Zack had withdrawn due to an hoof abscess.

H2R comments - top 3

Weihegold OLD GER - bit unsteady halt, good balanced diagonal, good half passes, good halt lack more diagonal clear rhythm for rein back, super passage, good piaffe, good transition out, good walk tour, 2nd piaffe/passage good, piaffe on the spot, good 2 times, nice zig-zag, super 1 times, super well balanced pirouettes, nice transition at M, good diagonal, fire on the ground for the final centerline. 82,565%

Damsey FRH GER - nice halt, power diagonal, nice crossing/balance for half passes, lack bit carriage, good halt with rein back, nice diagonal, small tension hind for transition to passage, lack bit energy for 1st piaffe, fantastic extended walk, superb collected walk, nice transition to passage, lack bit go/energy for 2nd piaffe, good passage, nice 2 times, good extended canter, nice zig-zag, 3rd change parallel hind for 1 times, bit hurried into 1st pirouette but nice control in the pirouette, super extended trot, good final lacking the final meters with natural forward search. 76,413%

Vancouver K IRL - good start, small tension for 1st extended trot, half passes lack bit more bend, good 1st piaffe/passage tour, lack bit more clear relaxation for walk tour, bit forward 2nd piaffe becomes a bit cautious, good 2 times, good extended canter, good balance for zig-zag, good 1 times, big 1st pirouette, better 2nd, good transition to trot at M, good extended trot, good passage nice into piaffe becomes bit tense at end of piaffe and tense out. 75,109%

Swedish Rose Mathisen and Zuidenwind with a super nice test today

For quite a long period of time Rose has been struggling with Zuidenwind doing most of the tests with kind of open mouth. This fact has unfortunately been following them for a while, and also caused some problems on and off during their tests.

Today was a totally different picture when Zuidenwind did the entire test with closed mouth. Lots of very nice things and well balanced all the way except the two times with an error. They are for sure back on track. Today scoring 71,217%.

Danish Carina Cassøe Krüth and May-Day Graftebjerg building up a partnership

Last season as their common debut season at international Grand Prix level, and today with their 2nd World Cup Grand Prix they are gaining experience and building up at partnership in the big arenas. Today it was with an error for the one times and then just minor things that kept them away from the +70% level. Looks like a combination that could be at +72% level with a bit more experience.

Below you find the entire Grand Prix test, and just move the timeline to find your favorites.

At 43:30 - Danish Carina Cassøe Krüth with May-Day Graftebjerg

At 2:39:00 - Isabel Werth with Weihegold OLD