Nürnberger Burg-Pokal qualifier in Verden today for Hubertus Schmidt with 7 year old Denoix


It became a close race in the top today not for Hubertus Schmidt himself as yesterday with top placements for both Denoix and Goldberg, but today Lena Waldmann with Oldenburger stallion Morricone by Millennium / Rubin Royal were pretty close, (from the sideline closer than the scoreboard) with just 2% difference.

Another strong performance from Hubertus Schmidt with Denoix by Destano today. The big stallion has already developed very well throughout this season, and is getting both more strength and experience for the test.

Denoix / Hubertus Schmidt - super presentation with a supple trot tour, with nice expression, super walk tour with nice walk pirouettes, super strong canter tour without any technical issues, super halt for rein back, bit tense rein back with power extension towards halt. 76,951%.

Morricone / Lena Waldmann - super nice overall picture easy and obedient test in a nice natural closed frame, very much to like with super suppleness. Looks like a super rideable high quality stallion also for the future. 75,024%

For both Nicole Wego and Dorothee Schneider it was not their day. Nicole´s horse Budhi got the tongue over the bit and she had to retire, while Dorothee´s Fürst Magic wasn’t that magic today, he started out in canter from the entering halt and more issues crept in during the test, so instead of showing a bad score, Dorothee wisely chose to retire after the final halt.